Useful sites and tools for an Investigation

OSINT Lets say that we are investigating a company as a part of an assessment, during this recon process we must use anything available on internet (Surface Web, DeepWeb or DarkWeb). This includes free tools and sites, but also if you can/want use paid services, is up to you. Just remember, we are to good […]

The Sand Clock model of cybersecurity

Today I want to share with you a cybersecurity model that I developed while I was conducting some trainings for different clients. I made it as a way to explain different concepts on offense and defense. Its a direct relation between our infrastructure self-awareness and what we know about the adversaries out there. Its about […]

The APT that hunts other APT’s: “APT49”, “BlueHornet”, “AgaintsTheWest”

This amazing picture is from the genius Valentin Tkach Around October of the past year, a new group who self-procalimed BlueHornet aka AgainstTheWest shown up at forums like the already dead RAID Forums (This was a well-known site to share information about security breaches, leaks, but also to sell drugs, personal data, etc. The owner […]

A SANS 2021 Report: Securing Cell Phones

Very Interesting paper regarding our cell phones security, how the adversaries are evolving in this field and how little we spend securing our devices. It tries to bring some light to a subject that is being a real concern, which is how to secure our cell phones and why it’s so important. Also predicts very […]


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