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Intel Driven Defense – Recommended reading

Great paper about the CND and Cyber Kill Chain, a short explanation (around 14 pages) on the intelligence process from both sides of the equation: “The Adversary” and “The Defenders”. How to take advantage of every piece of information and correlate it with it’s spot on the chain, developing a better reactive and proactive plan. […]

The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of Effective Threat Hunting

Excellent paper from Robert M. Lee and Rob Lee about what it is Threat Hunting, when you should implement it, how to make it more effective; whom should be taking care of this role, in which part of your organization should be located, among other things. Highly recommended if you’re interested on the Intelligence methodologies […]

A SANS 2021 Report: Securing Cell Phones

Very Interesting paper regarding our cell phones security, how the adversaries are evolving in this field and how little we spend securing our devices. It tries to bring some light to a subject that is being a real concern, which is how to secure our cell phones and why it’s so important. Also predicts very […]